Two Vehicles Crash On Highway 21 In Bryan With Truck Hitting Dairy Queen Sign

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A two vehicle crash on Highway 21 in Bryan pushed one of the vehicles into a Dairy Queen sign.

A Dodge Ram pickup and a Ford Mustang crashed into each other on Highway 21 near Highway 6.

That sent the pickup into the DQ parking lot, hitting the sign.

Witnesses say several people in the pickup were taken to the hospital.

"And I turned around and looked and here's this truck. I mean it was a third of the way back on the hood wrapped around that pole. There were four in the truck, somebody else said there were four in the car. I didn't see the people get out of the car. There were four in the truck," said Donna Lester of Wixon Valley. Lester was inside the Dairy Queen and heard the crash.

"Me and another guy from the front took off running towards the pickup trying to help out. Opened the door and one guy fell out," explained Justin Smith, a Dairy Queen Cook.

Eastbound traffic on Highway 21 was blocked for about 40 minutes and redirected onto Nuches Lane.

News 3 is waiting to hear more details from Bryan Police on the crash.