Two Major Road Projects Open in South College Station

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There are more signs of growth on the south side of College Station -- two huge road projects are now complete. Barron Road from Highway 6 to Highway 40 and Victoria Avenue.

These roads surround the brand new College Station High School. While construction isn't finished on the school, the new roads surrounding it are built with safety in mind.

Hard at work construction crews hurry to meet a fall deadline. The new College Station High School is expected to open with 700 students in August.

But what residents will notice long before the first day of school are the roads.

"The phasing along Barron Road, the detours, the lane closures-the road closures, certainly had an impact on the neighborhoods and we certainly appreciate their patience and cooperation and I'm sure they're very pleased that its open," says College Station Public Works Director Chuck Gilman.

Drivers will notice longer turning lanes. Cyclists wider bike lanes. Even pedestrians have wider sidewalks. The city says they built these safety features into the roads with the new high school in mind.

Even things like radar-enhanced traffic lights will be able to detect pedestrians and bike riders at the intersections. It's one of many features that residents might not notice, but should help traffic flow in the future.

"Once the high school opens we'll see much greater volume on both of these streets, much different traffic patterns as the majority of the traffic will mirror the hours that the school will be open," says Gilman.

"The city really worked very, very well with us to build the roads like there's a high school here," says College Station ISD Superintendent Dr. Eddie Coulson.

College Station city officials say the extremely dry summer helped keep both road projects on time. Barron Road and Victoria Avenue are now open to traffic.