TxDOT Making Preparations For Possible Icy Roads

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The shot at frigid winter weather has TxDOT on high alert for icy roads Wednesdsay morning.

Trucks are on standby to treat bridges and overpasses in the area if road conditions turn dangerous.

TxDOT workers could be working overtime if we see some of that weather.

It feels like it's freezing already outside Tuesday night as we stayed in the 30's all day.

And while it's a very, very slim chance of winter precipitation Wednesday, TxDOT is getting ready just in case.

It's hard work out in cold conditions for these TxDOT workers.

As temperatures drop the chances roads could become icy goes up.

Their first line of defense are box spreader trucks which will be filled with small pebbles called icing stones if highways start freezing over.

"They spray those on the bridges and overpasses and what it does is it helps motorists get traction when they go over those bridges and overpasses," explained Bob Colwell, TxDOT Public Information Officer for the Bryan District.

If the roads do get bad the TxDOT Office in Bryan will have four trucks on standby to hit the roads to take care of bridges and overpasses.

Bob Colwell with TxDOT says crews will stay on standby overnight.

"Our crews are just gearing up for them right now. They are putting the box spreaders on their trucks. They're making sure that everything is in proper working order so they're ready to go if they get called upon," he said.

While the chance for bad weather is slim, TxDOT says safety is their priority.

"We just knew that there was the possibility of sleeting rain. And so when every, when there's a situation like this and the cold weather that we are having, we gear up because we always want to be prepared for the worst," Colwell said.

The crews will wait to fill the trucks with the traction pebbles once they know for sure they'll need to be used.

But if you do see de-icing crews out and about they ask you keep back as they are working, so your car doesn't get sprayed or pelted.

The freezing rain is still unlikely to happen but if it does, most is expected to fall between midnight and 6 A.M. Wednesday,