TxDOT Sanding Crews Not Needed Ovenight

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BRYAN UPDATE: The trucks were not needed overnight.


As the arctic air lingers in the Brazos Valley eight TxDOT sanding trucks are on standby Monday night to sand bridges if overpasses start to ice over like they did Saturday night.

News 3 looked at ways to keep you and your family safe on icy highways.

The trucks are ready and de-icing material piled high in preparation for possible icing.

With temperatures falling below freezing once again, TxDOT crews are ready to roll out with magnesium chloride and gravel for spreading on highways if things get slippery.

Bob Colwell with the TxDOT Bryan District says driving based on the weather conditions is key.

"The speed limits are based on highway conditions. Like State Highway 6, that's 75 miles per hour but it's not for the wintry conditions. Slow down, get off the accelerator. Allow for more time to get to your destination. Another thing you need to maintain at least three times the normal following distance," Colwell said.

Dozens of vehicles slid out of control this past Saturday on Highway 6 in Brazos County as the first big ice event in a long time made some bridges and overpasses dangerous.

Eight TxDOT sanding trucks moved across the region spreading gravel.

Police stayed busy responding to those wrecks.

"In all between 5 P.M. and 4 A.M. our agency responded to 33 roadway crashes plus numerous other instances where vehicles had simply skidded off the roadway. Motorists needing assists, things of that nature," said College Station Police Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger.

Fleeger says officers will be paying close attention to potential trouble spots overnight.

"If you don't have to be out and about on the bad roadways please avoid them. But if you do just please exercise caution," he said.

A slight chance for ice right now but preparing just in case.

If you do see sanding crews out and about, TxDOT warns you to keep back at least 200 feet.

The rocks they use to treat the road fly out through a spreader and can damage your windshield and car if you are driving too closely.