TxDOT to Out Habitual Toll Violators Monthly

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Texas aims to bring more pain to toll-road freeloaders by publishing a monthly list of habitual unpaid toll violators.

A Friday statement from the Texas Department of Transportation says TxDOT will publish updated lists of the state's top 25 toll-road scofflaws, starting Dec. 2.

The TxDOT statement says the department already has entered into payment discussions with 11 of the top 10 violators publicized last month, and six of those are now in good standing.

TxDOT finance chief James Bass says the department collected $1.3 million in unpaid tolls and fees in just the past month.

Updated lists will be posted to TxDOT.gov and TxTag.org. Violators who fail to contact the department can have their vehicles banned from toll roads, ticketed by law enforcement or impounded.