TxDOT Looks Into Fatal Accidents On Highway 6

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A strip of Highway 6, known for fatal accidents, has been evaluated for safety hazards by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Several people have been killed on that road due to rainy weather conditions according to TxDOT.

For Ramona Aguirre, doing her job isn't always the hardest part of her day; it's getting to her job. The daily commute to her gift shop in Hearne often involves dodging other vehicles on Highway 6.

"It's terrible, it's terrible to go out and see that,” said Aguirre who is talking about fatal wrecks on a stretch of Highway 6 from north Bryan to Hearne.

According to TxDOT records, that particular area has had 9 deadly crashes since 2009.

Aguirre has seen all of the tragedies because she's also the Justice of the Peace for that part of Robertson County.

"I've been J.P. for 8 years, and this was my first fatality accident last month that involved a child, so that was pretty hard for me,” Aguirre said. "It's definitely not the road. It's definitely not."

TxDot agrees. They say they put a special hot mix in the pavement on Highway 6 to help prevent crashes in wet weather, which is when they see the most fatal accidents.

TxDOT says one of the biggest problems is that there's no grassy median dividing both directions of traffic. Instead there's a rumble strip that doesn't always do the job.

"We just don't have the funds. We went to Austin, like we talked about and they came back and did test scores,” said Bob Colwell with TxDOT.

The highway got high marks from TxDOT. Officials say drivers just need to slow down during rainy weather.

"Just be aware of your surroundings. I think that would prevent a lot of accidents,” Aguirre said.