UPDATE: Snow Slows Maine Power Work; Mich. Effort Ongoing

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GARDINER, Maine Snow has begun falling in places still hustling to get power back on after a weekend ice storm that turned out the lights for hundreds of thousands of people from Michigan to Maine and into Canada.

Parts of Maine that have been without electricity since Sunday anticipate 3 to 7 inches of snow Thursday.

More than 100,000 homes and business in Michigan, another 101,000 in Canada and 30,000 in Maine are still without power.

Utilities worry the additional weight on branches and power lines could slow the around-the-clock efforts to restore electricity.

Katrina and Bob Johnson in Gardiner, Maine, have been hauling a portable generator between their house and Katrina's mother's house to keep pipes from freezing and preserve a freezer full of moose meat.

Katrina says she doesn't like the situation but "you deal with it."