Va. Woman Says Faith Prompted Her Efforts To Help Get Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Buried

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DOSWELL, Va. - - The sheriff of Virginia's Caroline County says he's examined the paperwork, and the burial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the county appears to have been legal.

But Sheriff Tony Lippa was unhappy to learn of the covert burial after the fact. He says his department lacks the money and personnel to provide round-the-clock stakeouts at the cemetery as deputies did Friday night, which passed without incident.

Others in the area about 30 miles north of Richmond share the sheriff's unhappiness, including members of the area's Islamic community.

But the woman whose actions led to Tsarnaev's burial says she has no regrets. Martha Mullen tells The Associated Press that it's difficult "to be reviled and maligned," but she felt the refusal to bury him was "detracting from the healing that needed to take place." She says her first thought on hearing about the difficulty finding a burial spot for Tsarnaev was: "Jesus said love your enemies."

Tsarnaev's uncle says a faith coalition helped make the arrangements. Ruslan Tsarni adds, "The body's buried. That's it."