Hearings Over Embattled UT Regent Resume

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A University of Texas System regent being investigated for possible impeachment won't testify as expected to lawmakers this week.

Regent Wallace Hall is accused of misusing his office in an attempt to force out Austin campus president Bill Powers, who received a cautious endorsement last week from the UT chancellor that keeps him running the 50,000-student campus.

Democrat Carol Alvarado and Republican Dan Flynn co-chair the House committee investigating Hall. They said in a statement Tuesday they're "disappointed" that Hall won't testify.

Hall wasn't subpoenaed, which could give him some legal protection if asked to divulge confidential information. His attorney told the committee that Hall won't testify due to "confusion" about lawmakers' intentions.

The proceedings resume Wednesday. Powers and UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa are expected to testify.