UT Students Seek Citations For Marijuana Possession

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AUSTIN -- The student government on the University of Texas will decide whether to change marijuana policies on campus Tuesday night.

The SG requests students not be arrested for marijuana possession, but instead given a citation.

According to a press release about the vote, if the policy is changed, UT could become the first university in a state without medical marijuana that will issue citations for marijuana possession, rather than arresting the students.

The press release also says the proposed bill will ask university police to prioritize tobacco smoking on campus over marijuana possession, because of the long-term dangers associated with tobacco.

The student government says issuing citations is consistent with Travis County law, which allows officers to issue citations for possession of four ounces or less of marijuana at the officer’s discretion.

The vote is scheduled for March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Student Activities Building (SAC) on the second floor.

University of Texas Police Department Chief Robert Dahlstrom will be at the meeting to answer questions.