Unattended Cooking Appliance Leads Causes Apartment Fire

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Investigators say an unattended cooking appliance caused a fire at the Plantation Oaks Apartments in College Station Sunday.

Fire officials say no one was injured, but residents of at least two apartment units are displaced.

“I just grabbed everything that was essential and we're here now hoping it doesn't spread to my place,” said Alfred Tuley, a neighbor.

Rodrigo Torres and his wife say they were the first to notice their neighbor's apartment was on fire.

“I was getting ready to have a shower, and then I called 911 and I was holding a towel pretty much,” said Torres.

Torres says his neighbor pulled up a couple minutes later.

“The resident of one of the upstairs apartments came home. When he opened the door, he was met with smoke and heat," said Bart Humphreys, College Station Fire Department.

Firefighters investigated several other units to see if the fire spread, but officials say the fire was contained to one apartment

“It’s just really scary, you know, you're worst nightmare,” said Tuley.

Fire officials say they don't know how many people will be affected by the fire, because many residents are gone for Spring Break.