Undercover Officers at Texans Games

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As the Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans Sunday at Reliant Stadium, fans in attendance may want to think twice about how they act towards the opposing team fans.

Just like the Seattle Seahawks, fans may have to watch out for undercover officers wearing opposing team jerseys at games this season.

“First time I’ve heard about it,” Mark Vecchio, of Katy, said.

“We have ESPN on all day long in the store, they’ve been talking about the whole nine yards,” said Carlos Patterson, the manager at LIDS, at Memorial City Mall.

A spokesperson for the Texans said they did not want to discuss in game home security. However, KHOU 11 News checked with the Houston Police Department, who confirmed that it will also be taking place at Reliant.

“We heard they are going to have undercover officers throughout the crowd, watching. For any rowdy customers or the opposing fans,” Patterson said.

They are trying to prevent fights like the one from September 2012. It was a melee caught on YouTube. Fists were flying in every direction. There was swinging, punching and kicking.

“You want to feel comfortable wearing other opposing team jersey without getting beat up, things you’ve been hearing,” said Patterson.

If fans are unruly, an officer will be nearby. Unruly fans may get thrown out of the stadium.

The NFL suggests those who plan on attending games to take an educational online course about fan behavior.

Fans can also send a text to 78247. Type HOU, your space number and what your issue is.