Unexpected Rider on Local School Bus Investigated

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Authorities say a man wearing a hoodie tried to ride on a Snook ISD school bus with the kids Wednesday.

The man reportedly got on the bus at a stop in Tunis.

"Our buses leave between 6:30 and 6:45, so it's still dark and it's raining," said Snook ISD Superintendent Larry Williams. "And when the kids got on, most of them had a hood on of some type, because of the rain."

Williams says the driver saw the man in his rear view mirror, then asked him to get off the bus.

"He asked the person what they were doing. They said they needed to ride to school and talk to the principal. [The driver] said, "well you can't ride the bus," said Williams.

Authorities say the man exited the bus without incident.

As many as 50 students, elementary to high school age, ride Snook ISD buses daily, according to the school officials.

All the students on the bus that morning are reportedly OK.

"You know we're doing everything we possible can to ensure that the children are not only safe when they're here, but that they get here safely in the morning and that they return safely in the evening home," said Williams.

Burleson County Constables are investigating the incident.