United Way of the Brazos Valley’s President/CEO Resigns

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United Way of the Brazos Valley’s Board of Directors accepted President/CEO Hank Roraback’s, resignation Monday. United Way’s Executive Committee will oversee the organization’s operations until an interim director is hired. United Way’s Board of Directors also is initiating a search for a permanent President/CEO immediately.

“United Way’s Board of Directors appreciates Hank Roraback’s 9 years of service and wishes him well in his future endeavors,” said Ken Fogle, United Way of the Brazos Valley’s Board Chair. “We are looking forward to conducting a national search to identify our next President/CEO that will lead this organization to the next level.” United Way’s Board is confident that the Executive Committee and management staff will continue to successfully manage the organization as it seeks new leadership.

United Way also held two meetings last week with our Community Campaign funded partner agencies. The meetings took place on Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday, April 5th to update them on the status of the financial health of the organization. Two meetings were held to provide our agencies the opportunity to include their Board Chairs to attend.

The status update they received included:

1. The United Way Finance Committee continues to meet weekly to review financial information and is developing the plan for resolution. While reviewing this information, there has been no evidence of theft or fraud.

2. We hired the accounting firm Seidel, Schroeder & Company as our contract controller to complete an internal review of financials for the last three years, and to improve our accounting procedures. For the long term, they will ensure that United Way will have professionally managed budgets, with appropriate detail, so that staff and board members will know the financial position of the organization.

3. We hired Thompson, Derrig & Craig, P.C. to perform a mid-year review of our operational procedures and finances. They will also be performing our annual audit for Fiscal Year 2012.

4. Once financials are finalized, United Way will establish a consistent payment schedule. For our partners who also receive SECC allocations, we will be issuing those checks separately on a quarterly basis.

“United Way’s Board of Director’s will resolve our current financial issues and will come out of this stronger,” said Fogle. “We are committed to strengthening the trust of our partners and this community.”

About United Way of the Brazos Valley

The United Way of the Brazos Valley has been a trusted community partner for almost 60 years and currently serves Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington counties. United Way is known for bringing our community together to find solutions that change people’s lives. We do this in part by raising money and funding over 20 local nonprofit agencies who in turn provide health and human services to more than 250,000 neighbors. United Way focuses on Education, Financial Stability and Health - the building blocks for a good quality of life. Our vision is that the United Way will continue to be the community leader and trusted partner in the Brazos Valley.