Vacation Bible School Campers Collect Cereal Boxes for Local Kids

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Besides just having fun all week at vacation bible school, hundreds kids are also helping to make a difference among other kids in their own community.

More than 550 kids are attending vacation bible school this week at Christ United Methodist Church in South College Station.
A record number of attendance of students from years past.
Among this weeks of activities of singing, and all the fun and games, they decided to host a food drive and make it into a contest.

Helping Hands, a local charity group of the church provides breakfast and lunch for the South Gate Village kids who normally receive free
or reduced meals during the school year. During the summer, this church group provides 100 boxes of cereal each week.

The kids have turned out in full force...just after two days of collecting cereal boxes, they have over 420 boxes of cereal.
The winning group who brings in the most boxes of cereal will win a pop-cicle party. And they have til Friday to bring in their donations.