Victim Speaks About Heroic Rescue After Trapped Inside Truck

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A man who was trapped upside down in his truck, in a ravine Friday night, is talking about how his life was almost taken away.

Police are trying to figure out what caused the 47-year-old driver to lose control of his truck which crashed into a tree, breaking the tree in half.

The Aaron family says the holidays aren't the same if everyone isn't together. Bradley Aaron says this year he thought he would break that tradition.

"I was coming home and stopped at the tractor supply store to get the dogs treats,” said Aaron.

Aaron says he doesn't remember how he lost control of his pickup while driving down FM 2000 outside Caldwell. The truck slammed into a tree, breaking it in half. Aaron was inside his truck which landed upside down in a ravine, 30 feet below street level.

"The next thing I remember is I could hear water and people walking in the water,” said Aaron.

We tracked down one of those people, Chief David Pevehouse with the Caldwell Fire Department. He pulled Aaron out by hand.

"It was difficult. Out of 22 years, this is one of the worst ones that I think Caldwell has worked,” said Chief Pevehouse.

Aaron underwent 2 surgeries in his 3 and half day stay at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Bryan.

"Laying there in the hospital [I] immediately did some soul searching,” said Aaron.

With 8 broken ribs, broken vertebrae and several cuts, he was back at home with his family.

"It has been a very humbling and eye opening experience. Definitely going to look at life a lot different,” said Aaron.

Investigators say they are trying to figure out what caused the accident.