Victim Watched Thief Break Into Truck At Work

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A burglary victim told police she watched the thief break into her car from her desk at work.

The suspect, 23-year-old Jordan Barlow from Houston, was arrested for burglary.

Saturday morning police were called out to the Coldwell Bankers Real Estate Office in College Station by the victim who is an employee at the real estate office.

The victim told investigators she was at work and sitting at her desk when she saw a red Toyota Camry pull up and park next to her truck in the parking lot. She thought it was a client, but then says she saw Barlow get out and break into her truck. She says she pressed the panic button on her car remote and that’s when he took off in a car.

The victim gave police a description of the car, and later investigators found the car and Barlow.

After searching the car, police found a credit card issued to the victim. They arrested Barlow for burglary.