Victim of Online Child Predator: 'I was Tortured, Raped & Brutally Beaten'

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This week local child advocates and law enforcement officers are undergoing extensive training in College Station on caring for victims of violent crimes. Today they heard from a young woman who shared her terrifying experience of being kidnapped and tortured by a sexual predator she met online when she was 13.

It's been 12 long years…

“This was 2002; the warnings weren't there. There weren't seminars, or specials on TV,” explained Alicia Kozakiewicz. “It was almost like it was an urban legend that children were being hurt online.”

The stories and healing continue...

“I walked up the street a bit and I heard my name being called and the next thing I know I was in a car and my hand was being held so tight,” Kozakiewicz explained.

The boy Alicia Kozakiewicz met online wasn't the boy, or her best friend she had been talking to for eight months after all. That boy was Scott Tyree -- an accused sex sadist, online child predator and convicted felon.

“He drove me to his home in Virginia where I was held captive in a basement dungeon and I was raped and beaten and tortured,” she lamented.

Everything was broadcast across the world to an online audience filled with sexual predators.

"He chained me to the floor with a dog collar,” Kozakiewicz said.

One of the predators watching what Tyree was doing to Kozakiewicz via the live streaming video -- ended up calling police after seeing Alicia's Missing person poster in the newspaper.

“It took one monster coming forward about another,” Kozakiewicz added. “It took a monster bragging and showing off what he was doing; this guy apparently realized he would have been an accomplice if he didn't speak up, so he just called the police.”

A team of FBI agents tracked Tyree's location from his online user name and IP address.

“They came in and I heard clear-clear clear and I rolled underneath the bed to hide,” said Kozakiewicz. ”He [FBI agent] called for me to come out from under the bed and I had only been given a pair of panties to wear and I remember the FBI agent turned around and I just remember seeing the letters F-B-I on the back of his jacket and I knew…"

She's 25-years-old today; and her story and mission has taken her across the country; including right here in College Station.

“I've had young boys confide in me and tell me they thought they were actually a predator; I've had so many incredible things happen to me and I've always said if I could just change one child, help one family, then it's entirely worth it,” Kozakiewicz explained.

It's an insatiable drive to inform and protect that she says will never end.

“Children are more at risk today,” she said. “There sending far too much information today and it's sort of becoming a rite of passage to do these things.”

The "Every Victim, Every Time" conference continues tomorrow, and includes a discussion that's open to the public. The "Mass Violence: What are We Missing" panel will include professionals from the criminal justice field along with local media, including News 3's Steve Fullhart. The panel discussion is at 3 P-M at A&M Church of Christ in College Station.