Video Detection Cameras To Go Up in Briarcrest Intersections

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A new set of traffic signals is going online at the intersection of Briarcrest Drive and 29th Street in Bryan, as part of the Briarcrest widening project.

Similar traffic signals are being installed up and down Briarcrest, and TXDOT officials say all the new lights will have video detection cameras - which could shorten the amount of time drivers sit at red lights.

The first new signal light will be turned on Monday night at Briarcrest and 29th St.

TXDOT officials say the video detection cameras will see when cars are lining up, then tell the controller when to alternate between lights.

Every intersection on Briarcrest from Kent Street to Highway 6 will have the video detection system. TXDOT officials say they will be installed and activated over the next few months.

A lot of people are ready for the construction in the area to be done, including business owners who say they've lost business because of it.

"You know, it's mainly an inconvenience. There's something new closed every day," said Shaun Winder, owner of Briarcrest Cleaners. "Not knowing which roads are going to be closed every day. And customers being put out..."

Winder says business has picked up a little since most of the roadwork on Briarcrest finished, but crews still have work to do on the other signals and sidewalks.

TXDOT officials say the $4.8 million project is scheduled to be done some time this fall.