Viewer Allows CSU Electric Customers to Get Real-Time Outage Updates

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College Station Utilities unveiled at Thursday’s city council workshop a web-based viewer that enables customers to access real-time electric outage information.

The viewer is part of CSU’s new outage reporting system, which began operating in March. The viewer map shows where outages are occurring, the number of affected customers, estimated time of repair and if a crew has been assigned.

During an electric outage, the viewer can be accessed through smartphones and tablets with appropriate data capabilities.

“We’re excited that our new emergency reporting system includes a real-time component that allows our customers to visually track the most current information during an electric outage,” said Electric Utility Director Timothy Crabb. “When an outage occurs, we work to resolve it as quickly as possible and this new tool will help us do that more effectively.”

To access the viewer, go to and click the Utilities tab on the right side of the page.