Volunteer Brightens Spirits At Local Hospital with Christmas Caroling

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At the College Station Medical Center, the Christmas decorations may be out. But that doesn't mean it feels like Christmas for everybody.

That is until volunteer Kenny Bergmann shows up.

"I just was tired of seeing so many sad people at Christmas," said Bergmann.

Kenny is known around these parts as Kenny Claus thanks to the holiday cheer he brings to the staff, patients, and visitors with his Christmas caroling around the halls.

"When somebody like me walks down the hall singing Jingle Bells, could you not smile," joked Bergmann .

A break from the stress means a lot to the staff who will sometimes sing along to Kenny's tunes.

"He's just got a heart for people. That's why he's here."

"When I'm walking down the hall, singing jingle bells, people start smiling and it makes me feel good," said Bergmann .

"It sure does brightens my day," said patient Laura Mattinen.

Mattinen will be in the hospital for the holidays. Her simple smile while being serenaded in Christmas cheer is the reason Kenny strums his guitar.

"I think it's wonderful Kenny takes the time to come up here and bless us with the spirit of the Lord. It's what Christmas is all about," said Mattinen.

"I try to do as much as I can to make people smile and be happy," said Bergmann .

And that's a gift some people never forget.

Kenny has volunteered at the hospital since 2001 and has been singing during Christmas for the past seven years.