Volunteers Honor Vets, One Flag at a Time

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Armed with clip boards and American flags, dozens of volunteers set out to make sure this Memorial Day was more than just a holiday.

Working in groups, volunteers trekked across the College Station Cemetery along Texas Avenue near Southwest on Monday. Their mission, to set a U.S. flag on every veteran's grave. With around 800 grave sites, they had their work cut out of them.

"It's a great way to honor them. And it's a great way to teach the kids what it's all about too," said Bill Lay, a U.S. veteran who volunteers at the event.

Lay said it's hard work, but worth the effort.

The lesson seemed to be catching on. Eight-year-old Michael Wilson got excited when he spotted a News 3 camera. He wanted to be on TV, and he knew just what to say.

"We're putting flags on people that served in the Army, because they are awesome," said Wilson.

Young and old, Memorial Day for this mixed group of volunteers was more than just a holiday.

"I can understand why some people may not have that connection, but I think it would be great if more were involved," said Dawson Nodruft, a 25-year-old Texas A&M University graduate student.

Ellen Marquis Horner with the Daughters of the American Revolution helps put on the event every year. For her and many others, it's personal.

"I graduated high school in 44, which was right in the midst of the war. And I know many of the veterans on the list that I have," said Horner.

Horner said she was very pleased with this year's turnout.

"We have had more volunteers this year than any other year. I am absolutely floored and thankful to the people who came out to volunteer."

The group puts flags on those grave sites twice a year, once on Memorial Day, and again on Veterans Day.