Volunteers Send Hugs To Military Members

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Being away from home during the holidays can be tough for anyone. But for those members of our military who fight for our safety, it can be hard carrying out an often dangerous job and dealing with a void and sense of loneliness.A group of volunteers is working to show our military that we do care.

Volunteers send hugs through the mail to members of our military all over the world.

Military Moms Jennifer Freeman and J'nell Grohman started out sending care packages to their sons, but wanted to reach out to those who don't receive packages from home.

Freeman feels the heartache of being away from her son.

"When they're so far away and you can't just you know give them a hug and a kiss and tell them that you love them... I'm not gonna cry right now," said Freeman.

"We support them because they don't have a lot of the family support that they need," said Grohman.

Over the past 6 months Grohman has been sending packages to Matt, an airman who sent her a special message.

This is a sentence of the letter Matt sent.

"Knowing that people that you have never even met would care about your well being enough to do something like this provided the ultimate source of encouragement for us to get up every day and keep on doing what we needed to do."

And Operation Hugs says regardless of where you are or when, hugs can be sent throughout the year.

Operations Hugs says a care package can make a difference in someone's day and give them the zest keep on fighting.

Anyone can send packages on their own year round. The group has sent over 50 boxes to members of the military for Christmas.

Operation Hugs would like to become a non-profit organization and need volunteers wanting to give legal assistance.

If you want to send a hug to a military member in need below is the Facebook for the Operation Hugs Group.