Voting Issues Could Alter Local Race Outcomes

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A few early voting problems popped up for some voters in Bryan last week that could alter the outcome of some local races.

You not only need to know who you're voting for, but also what races you need on your ballot because it's very easy to accidentally get the ballot for the wrong precinct.

"When you have people working equipment, you have errors,” said Karen McQueen, the Brazos County Clerk.

It's a situation that Stephanie Manry says she experienced when voting.

"They told me that the school board election would be at the very end, and I didn't see it. I called a gentleman over and said I didn't see it,” said Manry.

She found out that an election worker had accidentally punched in the wrong precinct number which means she received a ballot without races that she was qualified to vote for.

If you don't know what races you are able to vote in ahead of time, another way to make sure you have the correct ballot is to look on the top right hand corner of your e-screen and it will show you a precinct number. If that number isn't correct then you need to stop and call an election worker for assistance.

"Nine times out of ten, if they are given the wrong precinct, they can cancel their booth and go give them a new code for the right precinct, but only if they stop before they cast their ballot,” said McQueen.

Once you press the red ‘cast’ button, your vote is in, and it's too late. That's why citizens are advised to review their ballot before pressing the button to cast your vote.

Election officials say they don't anticipate problems with voters having incorrect ballots tomorrow because on Election Day most polling places only have one precinct.