Woodson Lumber Company Celebrates A Milestone

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CALDWELL- It was standing room only at the Caldwell Civic Center in Burleson County where hundreds of people celebrated a historic birthday for one company. But to many people of Caldwell, Woodson Lumber Company isn't just a business, it's a family.

"It's extraordinary that any business has been successful for 100 years and these people have done a wonderful job," said Paris Gibbs. He has lived in Caldwell since 1965 and has seen what the company has done for the town. "They've always been leaders in this community and are highly, highly respected by everybody in Caldwell."

The family business began on December 1, 1913, when Harrie and Jim Woodson opened up their doors in Caldwell selling lumber, hardware and building materials. One hundred years later, they are still serving the Brazos Valley.

To CEO Ann Chapman, the support has been a blessing. "I woke up with a huge sense of gratitude this morning. It really rather overwhelmed me," Chapman said.

This company is close to her heart because her grandfather, Harrie Woodson, is one of the founding fathers of Woodson Lumber. Decades later, she continues the family legacy with her own children.

"Moms and kids... I mean, how much closer to the heart does it get than that?" Chapman said.

The past century the business has survived the harshest of economic times and has expanded across the Brazos Valley because one family believed in a dream.

"They helped Texas build initially and here we are still," Chapman said. "It's amazing."

And now that dream has a place in Texas history.