Walker County Sheriff's Department Receives 9 Ton SWAT Vehicle

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas The Walker County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team has a new member that weighs nine tons.

And it's packing a lot of muscle to respond to emergencies around the region.

News 3 had an inside look at the Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport, or BATT-mobile.

There's a new set of wheels behind the Walker County Sheriff's Department designed to keep the SWAT Team safe.

"All the doors provide ballistic protection. They'll lock for you, you still have access to the windows and you have shooting ports on the front," said Sergeant Jason Sullivan with the Walker County Sheriff's Department.

Sullivan has a new tool fighting crime as part of the SWAT Team. This new BATT-Vehicle or Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport.

"This is just a shooting turret where you can shoot out of the top. This is the platform that lifts off the ground and then guys can just stand up here out here and the turret also turns. So if you have where you want to go, it'll just rotate to whichever side you're at," said Sullivan.

The SWAT vehicle even has handles and railings on each side so that the team can get out of situations quickly and safely.

The nine ton vehicle was donated by the 100 Club in Houston, a non-profit group supporting police and firefighters.

"It will be available for use in this region. Not just in Walker County," said Rick Hartley, Executive Director of the 100 Club.

Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae asked the 100 Club for helping buying it. Their previous SWAT vehicle is an aging ambulance with no armor.

Some recent incidents the SWAT Team responded to before getting the vehicle included searching for an escapee out of the Montgomery County Jail.

"Executing high risk search, arrest warrants, hostage negotiation situations. We can retrieve a downed officer," said Sheriff Clint McRae.

"This is just gonna save life. Not only officers lives but people that we are trying to rescue," said Sullivan.

An armored car all at no cost to taxpayers.

The armored vehicle and all the equipment is worth about $115,000.

10 SWAT officers are able to fit into it for emergency responses.

The vehicle also has four-wheel drive and will also be deployed to counties neighboring Huntsville.