Waller Business Owner: 'Obama can kiss our a—'

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HOUSTON -- A sign posted outside of a business is turning heads in the small community of Waller. The banner includes a well-known slogan of this year’s presidential campaign with a vulgar twist.

It reads: “We built this business without gov’t help. Obama can kiss our a-- . I’m Chris Newcomer & I approve this message.”

That sign is posted outside of Design Air Systems on Washington Street. The owner says he stands behind his decision to post the message.

“I’m sure the president is a nice guy and would probably be fun to sit down with over a beer, but we need a business-minded leader with business experience to handle this size economy,” said owner Chris Newcomer in a statement.

Newcomer said the business has been receiving a lot of support about the sign. People are driving by, and even stopping to get a photograph of it.

“I think it’s real. I think it’s real. That’s for sure,” said Trina Butler of Waller. “More power to them.”

There are others in Waller who are offended by the sign.

“If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything period,” said Barbara Martin of Waller. “God is going to put who he wants in that White House.”

While residents acknowledge freedom of speech, some think the words featured on the sign have gone too far.

“Let me put it this way. I’m a Republican. I don’t like Democrats. I don’t like Obama, but he’s the president of our country,” said Bob Williams of Waller.

Design Air Systems takes down the sign at the end of each business day to make sure that nobody tampers with it. Employees at the business said it will continue to go up, even if everybody doesn’t agree with it.