Walmart Employee Admits to Stealing Cash

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BRYAN Bryan police say an employee with the Bryan Walmart admitted to stealing cash from the register to give to another person.

According to the police report, Walmart Asset Protection filed a theft report in May of 2012. The store reported that Clemie Carter, 43, was seen on store surveillance cameras rearranging the cash in her registers drawer. According to the store, there were a series of strange transactions that alerted them to the alleged theft.

Carter later gave Walmart a hand-written confession to stealing the money. On May 22, 2012, Bryan police investigators spoke with Carter about the alleged crime. She admitted to giving a customer $200 while working there as a cashier. Carter said she was trying to help someone out. She wouldn't tell police who she gave the money to.

Carter was arrested on January 8, 2014, charged with two counts of Theft. She was booked under $4,000 bond, but has since made bail.