Warrant Amnesty Period Ends, Warrant Roundup Starts Saturday

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas The so-called warrant amnesty in Bryan-College Station ended Friday at 5 P.M., and this weekend officers are heading out to make arrests, mostly for unpaid traffic tickets.

News 3 looks at why this year's warrant amnesty is shaping up to be College Station's best ever.

A line of people filled the seats and corridors of the College Station Municipal Court as time ticked down to the final hours of warrant amnesty for more than 4,500 misdemeanor cases still needing to be cleared.

"We're not having to look for those people and importantly to them not arrest those people."

College Station Municipal Court Presiding Judge Ed Spillane says this year's amnesty period is shaping up to be their best year yet.

So far 470 people have taken care of their warrants at a value of $154,744.85.

More are expected to be cleared once law enforcement starts making arrests.

Last year a total of 500 warrants were cleared during the amnesty period and warrant roundup.

"It's great news for those who came in and took care of their warrants or who take care of it in the next two weeks during the round up and it's good news for us too because now those cases are cleared," said Spillane.

College Station City Marshal Chadd Harkrider's job includes serving arrest warrants on behalf of the court. The most common excuse he hears is people don't have enough money to pay their fines.

"Therefore they ignore coming into the court which leads to a warrant for their arrest. My suggestion would be to go to the College Station Municipal Court, go to The Bryan Municipal Court any of our local Justice of the Peace Courts, to take care of your business. Enter a plea first," Harkrider said.

Folks with active warrants face possible arrest starting Saturday during the statewide warrant roundup.

But you are encouraged to come to court to settle your case and won't necessarily be arrested.

The statewide warrant roundup starts Saturday and ends March 9th.

The College Station Municipal Court says close to 40 warrants were cleared Friday by people coming in to take care of them.