Milam County Man Wanted For Evading Arrest Found

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MILAM COUNTY UPDATE: John Leorne Melton, Jr., was arrested Wednesday on charges of evading arrest.

At approximately 11:00pm on Monday, Cameron Police Officer Doug Smith observed a dark colored, Chevrolet pickup driving on North Travis Avenue, US77, without lights of any kind displayed. Officer Smith activated his cruiser's emergency lights and attempted to stop the vehicle.

The driver finally pulled the vehicle to a stop and as the officer was completing the mandatory radio checkout, the driver bailed out of his vehicle and began to run. The driver apparently failed to place his vehicle into the parked position, allowing the vehicle to reverse into the front of the police cruiser.

Officer Smith prepared to move his vehicle out of the way but realized that if he did this, the vehicle would blindly enter into the heavily traveled US77. To prevent any such accident, Officer Smith allowed the vehicle to roll into the bumper guards of the patrol unit. A front passenger remained in the vehicle while the driver ran from the scene.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as 41-year old John Leorne Melton Jr. A warrant has been issued for Melton who has not been arrested at this time.