Warrants Issued For Suspect After Shots Were Fired In College Station

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The College Station police department says three warrants have been issued for 18 year old Marcelino Herrera. The warrants accuse Herrera of making a terroristic threat, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and illegal possession of a firearm in public. Police say that since the other person involved is considered a victim, they are not releasing his information at this point.

When an arrest is made, it may be some consolation to people who live in that area. News 3 talked to some residents who are shocked by what happened so close to where children play.

Police say shots were fired Wednesday afternoon near the Lincoln Recreation Center on Eleanor Street after a fight broke out at the nearby South Gate apartment complex.

Police say that once they were out of the complex the vehicles traveled down Eleanor near the Lincoln Center. Witnesses reported that a firearm had been discharged out of one of the vehicles multiple times.

Local residents were caught off guard.

"I was scared I didn't know who was shooting, I didn't know where it was coming from, I was scared cause you know bullets they just fly everywhere and I could have caught one," Janisha Castille.

Janisha Castille just moved into this area.

"This is the first time something happened like this while I was out here," said Castille.

Cedric Terrell has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and lives near the Lincoln Center.

" It's not as violent as some people seem to make it, but we have the Lincoln Center that been here and kids that grew up and grow to be successful as teachers and athletes and everything at the Lincoln Center," Cedric Terrell.

Minutes after the shots were fired, police surrounded the Lincoln Center and began their search. While the Lincoln Center wasn't evacuated they did take action.

In a statement The Parks and Recreation Department of College Station says:

"The lock down procedures for the Lincoln Recreation Center were initiated, and staff followed the protocol for which they have been trained. Once staff received the all-clear from College Station PD,
children were released to their families."

"A gunshot doesn't have a name. It's a free bullet, that's free and will hit anybody," said Terrell.

A place where children play now leaves some cautious about their safety and security.