Suspected Drug Trafficking Plane Busted At Brenham Airport

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What's usually a quiet airport turned into the scene of a drug bust.

"There were about ten different vehicles," said Adam Crow.

Crow was working near the Brenham airport when he says it all went down about nine Friday morning.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says one of its planes had been following a single engine plane flying from South Texas suspected of trafficking drugs. When that plane needed to refuel, an opportunity presented itself.

DPS troopers and Washington County Sheriff's deputies moved in.

"During the stop we located 60 pounds of marijuana, three grams of cocaine and a 40-caliber pistol," said Department of Public Safety Trooper Jimmy Morgan.

Two men were arrested. Investigators are not releasing any information on the suspects. The drugs they say they found on the plane were confiscated.

"It looked like that guy was about to have a real bad day," Crow said. "It looked like they were waiting for him. They definitely had some kind of information on him. They were prepared and as soon as they got here they went into motion."

Investigators are not saying where the plane was headed. They are questioning the suspects to find out if this is part of a larger operation.

"Sometimes we get a lucky break and we get information, or through conducting an investigation we're allowed to catch some of these folks and deal with that," Trooper Morgan said. "Today has to be one of these days."

The Department of Public Safety says it's working with other Federal investigators on the case.