Washington County Residents to Hold Gun Control Forum

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President Obama is expected to announce a list of gun control proposals Wednesday, which is reported to include a ban on assault weapons.

Washington County residents are holding a forum Wednesday to discuss what options are available if new laws are passed.

“I think we've reached a point like Travis at the Alamo. You have to draw a line in the dirt and see what happens. I know those are words that sound strong, but you either believe in something or you don't,” said CH Harvey, one of the organizers of the forum.

Harvey says the forum will be an opportunity for people to voice their opinions on the issue.

Washington County bank owner, Edward Smith, plans to attend the forum in Brenham.

“I think you've got to stop this infringement on the Bill of Rights now,” said Smith. “For those youngsters to have been slaughtered like that {in Connecticut} is inexcusable. I don't have the answer. But I know the answer is not picking up the guns or changing the laws as they are.”

Forum organizers hope the Federal Government will back down if enough people stand up for their right to bear arms.

Another result of new gun control policies is that the gun business has been booming in Washington County.

“Anything that's an assault weapon, you can't keep in stock,” said John Hueske with Independence Firearms. “Its the same old adage…If you can't have it, you want it.”

Hueske says the future of gun legislation is unclear. That's why his customers are buying the guns they want now before it’s too late.

The Gun Control Forum will be held Wednesday at the Brenham Fire Department Training Center at 6 PM. Organizers say it is open to the public.