Watch Your Wheels: Protect Your Vehicle Against Thieves

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The latest rash of stolen tires and rims might be at a Galleria-area apartment complex, but it’s a widespread problem.

"It’s ridiculous," said neighbor Nathan Lorensen, as he looked at what happened to cars in his complex. "It's like people stealing copper out of air conditioners and stuff. It's pretty low."

Houston police officer Jim Woods is with the department’s auto theft division. He said surveillance video KHOU 11 News aired Tuesday night from a neighborhood in Cypress shows exactly how these crooks work.

"They'll have two or three driving through the area looking for it," said Officer Woods. "They do this in the dark of night when there's less chance of being discovered."

Once they've found their target, they work fast.

"They go up, jack it up pop ‘em off roll ‘em down the street," said Woods. "They're not using power tools. They're using standard equipment to pull ‘em off."

Woods suggested cleaning out the garage and storing your car there as the best way of defense.

You can also buy wheel locks. A free option is turning your steering wheel one direction as far as it can go when you park.

The suggestions won't stop the criminals, but they should slow them down.