Watering Plants/ Holiday Lights Helpful During Cool Temperatures

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Watering isn't just recommended for parched plants during hot temperatures, it can help your plants survive during cool weather.

"If you water and you water really good, water only freezes to 32 degrees, so you don't get as much damage to the roots. Top growth you probably will,” said Bonnie Briggs who owns Barefoot Gardens between Hearne and Franklin.

That area is expected to see freezing temperatures, so she's preparing for the cool blast.

"House plants you really want to take in because they don't like anything below 40,” said Briggs.

Holiday lights could not only be used as decoration but a tool to save your plants.

"For instance if you have a citrus tree, if you wrap the tree with Christmas lights and cover it with a blanket, it gives it a little more insulation and keeps it from getting too cold,” said Briggs.

Once the damage is done, it's hard to recover a plant according to Briggs. She says the best thing to do is water your plants as insulation or provide your own by bringing them indoors.

It is also recommended to protect your water pipes and hoses during cold weather.