Winter Weather in the Brazos Valley

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The latest cold front, to reach the Brazos Valley, is starting to sink its teeth into the area. Temperatures will slowly warm above freezing this afternoon. In the meantime use caution on the roadways.

1:30 pm Thursday Update

As temperatures slowly climb back above freezing and dry air moves in the roadways should become increasingly better through the day. Temperatures will struggle to get out of the mid thirties this afternoon thanks to cloud cover hanging around. Expect temperatures to drop well below freezing again tonight with lows in the upper 20s.

This will be the last update since the threat for significant winter weather has diminished for today. For the latest you can check /a>

11:20 am Thursday Update

The Winter Weather Advisory for Lee County expired at 11am.

Most of the Brazos Valley is now clear of all precipitation. There are still a few light snow showers in Houston county around Crockett, but within the next 20 minutes, those will head off towards the east.

Over the next couple of hours, our temperatures will fight to get above freezing. Until then, continue to drive with caution on roads, especially over bridges and overpasses.

10am Thursday Update

The Winter Weather Advisory has been dropped for the area. There are still reports of light snow west of Huntsville. The bulk of the wintry precipitation is moving out of our area. Temperatures will take a few hours to warm above freezing thanks to cloudy skies and a light north wind. Temperatures will be slightly warmer this afternoon allowing for the patchy ice to melt. Still use caution on the roadways, especially bridges and overpasses.

9am Thursday Update

Wintry mix is clearing out of the West and continuing to move East this morning. That is why a few counties have been dropped from the Winter Weather Advisory.

There have been reports of some icy spots left behind in and around Bryan / College Station. As the light snow / sleet mix moves east, the next areas to be cautious when driving include Huntsville, Crockett and even down through Livingston. While precipitation reaching the ground has been limited, slick & icy spots forming on the roadways have been the biggest concern.

7am Thursday Update

Snow / sleet mix intensifying througout Bryan / College Station, yet continuing to quickly move to the East. Take extra caution on the road this morning as icy spots may form, especially on bridges and overpasses. Precipitation is expected to turn back over to primarily sleet before gradually moving out and dwindling off by 10am.

Regardless, you'll want to bundle up. Breezy winds & cold air temperatures are making it "feel" like it's in the teens this morning!

6am Thursday Update

Reports of light sleet / wintry mix have been seen across the area, including Beaver's Creek, south College Station and down through Montgomery county. Wintry precip was able to turn over into snow for Caldwell, however quickly moving East into Bryan / College Station.

10pm Thursday Update

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been issued for a majority of the Brazos Valley, until 10am Thursday. (everywhere colored in purple in the image to the right)

While this advisory is in place, little to no impact is expected on Thursday morning travel.

The National Weather Service has issued this advisory in the case that a bit of light precipitation could fall & melt on bridges and overpasses. Should that occur, a few icy buildups could occur on those road surfaces.


Settling in For a Cold, Hard Winter Night<

Time to make sure the outdoor faucets are tightly wrapped, the pets are brought in, and that you have a few extra blankets on the bed.

Temperatures are expected to fall to some of the coldest readings of the season as we head towards Thursday morning. When it is all said and done, temperatures are expected to be at or below 32° for 15 to 20 hours, across the Brazos Valley.

We'll wake up to the low / mid 20s first things Thursday. While it won't be the coldest night we've had this year -- we reached 19° January 7th -- it will still be mighty cold to step out to.

Forecast Highs for Thursday, January 6th, 2014

While temperatures will be cold in their own right -- that is not what we are dressing for Thursday morning.

As a brisk, north wind kicks up from time to time, we'll look for it to actually feel like the mid / upper teens when you step out the door. Below is a look at the PinPoint Computer Forecast Model for expected wind chills Thursday morning:

You'll want to make sure you and the rest of the family is bundled up nice and warm before leaving the house for the day.

Afternoon highs are going to struggle to reach the upper 30s Thursday, with gray skies and that brisk wind on hand. Afternoon wind chills are expected to range the upper 20s to low 30s -- will feel like it is freezing through the entire day.

Chance of Snow Thursday Morning?

Sure is...

With the mention of those words, one of two things is likely going through your mind:

1) "Come on...Not again"
2) "Woo-hoo! Snow Day"

Let's dash both of those thoughts at once.

As an upper-level disturbance passes over North Texas Thursday, there will be the chance for snow / a wintry mix to fall across parts of the Brazos Valley.

That said, the air in the lower elevations of the atmosphere is extremely dry. Most (if any) precipitation that tries to fall will likely evaporate before reaching the surface.

Never say never -- especially with a snow forecast. A few snow flurries to a very light snow will be possible as you take off to work and school, during the morning hours.

PinPoint Computer Forecast for Precipitation (snow) Thursday, January 6th

Notice how little coverage shows up on the computer output? That is another reason that this event has a low chance of occurring.

Should a light snow fall, it is expected to leave no or very little accumulation. Below is a look at the "Snowfall Accumulation" PinPoint Forecast. Typically, you wouldn't forecast snow down to the hundredth -- we will, this time, to show how little is expected.

Moral of the Story: Plan on going to work and school, on-time, Thursday.

The biggest story for Thursday will be the cold temperatures and frigid wind chills. Be sure to bundle up and stay warm. We'll look for a brief warm-up into the low 60s by Saturday.
--Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley