Wednesday's Child: Marshall

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A local teen knows he wants to serve and protect the community he lives in; but he longs to have the support of a family to help him achieve that dream.

"Have you seen the movie SWAT?" questioned Marshall to several members of the College Station SWAT Team.

SWAT is one of his favorite movies.

"I can climb the walls and do the monkey bars forwards and backwards,” said Marshall. “I got to do a bunch of training in my Marine Corps camp.”

He admits after watching it over and over -- and over. -- Marshall says he gained a newfound respect for the police force.

Marshall: "They [SWAT] do a great job."
SWAT Team Paramedic: "What do you think the purpose of the SWAT team is?"
Marshall: "To keep everyone safe from harm."

Although learning the ins and outs of powerful weaponry is a requirement; Marshall says he knows the key isn't firepower, rather, the advanced law enforcement training; which is why the College Station Police SWAT Team turned his dream into a reality so this teen can kick his training into high gear.

"Anytime we do training, we do a bunch of buddy-checks and self-checks...."He's an inquisitive, driven and goal-oriented teen who not only talks the talk -- he walks the walk; even during covert and undercover tactical operations...

Marshall says training with these men was not only a privilege, but a dream come true. He admits -- finding a forever family would be too. He desires one who will provide acceptance, guidance, support, and a life-long commitment with open arms and a big heart.

For more information on Marshall you can contact Kate Mason at Voices for Children: (979) 822-9700.