Wednesday's Child: Alden, Serenity, James

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For all of us who have brothers and sisters, we understand what tight bond siblings can have. For this month’s Wednesday’s Child special, we introduce two brothers and their sister who pray they'll find a forever home -- together.

Whether it's playing board games, coloring, or putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Alden, Serenity and James are always together.

In fact, so much so, the trio likes to call themselves the “Three Musketeers”.

While the siblings have a lot in common, they definitely have their own personalities. Alden is 8-years old.
He's reserved, inquisitive and just down right sweet. He loves school - especially science.

Serenity is 7-years-old. She's a sweetheart, a girly girl who loves to give hugs and enjoys entertaining her brothers.

And little James is just 5. He has a smile that will melt your heart James is very friendly, loves animals, plays well with others, and is extremely sharp.

When asked how old he was, James replied while holding up five fingers, “"I’m 5 every single day.”

While they have each other, these three are missing one of the most critical pieces of their life's puzzle: a forever family. They crave love, support and stability and two parents who will teach and guide them every step of the way. These three are currently living together in foster care and hope their forever family will have enough room in their hearts -- so they can all stick together forever.

Alden, Serenity, James Profiles from DFCPS:

Alden, 8, describes himself as cute, smart, and silly. He enjoys playing video games, playing tag, basketball, art, and collecting bugs. He also likes dinosaurs, Legos, and riding his bike. Alden likes playing outside and building things. He plays with others, but prefers to play on his own. Alden attends 1st grade special education classes and is doing well academically, but struggles behaviorally. Alden would benefit from a family that could provide him with love, consistency, structure, and individual attention.

Serenity, 7, is a happy and loving child. She describes herself as silly and smart. She likes being silly, making crafts, finding bugs, playing with Barbies, painting, riding her bike, gymnastics, and playing outside. She is very determined for perfection when being competitive. She attends regular 1st grade classes and is doing well academically. Serenity would benefit from a family that can provide her with love, consistency, structure, and support.

James, 5, is a very sweet and energetic boy. He likes being outside and riding his scooter and bike. He likes to participate in sports. He describes himself as funny and goofy. He enjoys building things, swimming, gymnastics, riding the scooter, and playing soccer. James likes playing with Legos, cars, Spiderman, play wrestling, and ice cream. James attends regular Kindergarten classes and is doing well academically. James would benefit from a family that can provide him with love, consistency, structure, and support.

If your family is interested in learning more about Alden, Serenity, and James please contact their caseworker, Jessica Gonzalez at 254-315-3412 or at