Wednesday's Child: Ashton

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COLLEGE STATION - For nine-year-old Ashton, no obstacle is ever too big. For the first time, he is climbing a rock wall and student instructors at Texas A&M University are ready to help him reach new heights.

"Go ahead and start climbing," the instructor said to the young child.

"Yay!" Ashton screamed with excitement as he approached the rock wall for the first time.

Even after falling, he continues to get back up and starts climbing again.

"I'm about to do the one I had problems on," Ashton told his instructor. He was set on reaching the top.

No mountain is too big for him to climb. Ashton said he is used to facing challenges. The foster child hopes to be adopted by loving, adventurous parents so he can one day take them to climb a rock wall too.

"I am a pretty cool kid," he humbly admitted.

The outgoing child said he would love to have siblings.

"I think having a brother or sister is actually pretty fun because I would get to play with them."

Back on the rock climbing wall, Ashton's instructor encouraged him to keep going as he started to feel more exhausted with each step. "You've got this down," his instructor cheered on.

Ashton's persistence and determination pay off, and the nine-year-old reaches the top of the 44-foot rock wall.

"That was pretty awesome," the foster child said when he returned back to the ground.

He said it's his faith and sheer will that helped him reach the top, and he hopes to share another victory with his future parents.

If you are interested in learning more about Ashton or adopting him, contact Voices For Children at (979) 822-9700.