Wednesday's Child: June and Angela

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BRYAN - Sweet natured and caring doesn't come close to describing 14-year-old June and her 13-year-old sister, Angela. Recently, the two sisters got to practice something they like best, cooking.

"It's fun," June said as she was preparing pizza dough.

They hit up Mr. G's Italian Pizzeria in downtown Bryan to see how professionals make the perfect pizza.

"This part is good," Angela said pointing to the crust.

June said words can't describe how much she loves her sister, but can show us how wide her love for her stretches.

"Well actually I could spread them out more but her arm's right there," June said as she spread out her arms.

June's compassion for others is also noticeable. She said she always looks after her little sister and wants to one day be a day care worker.

"I just feel like I should work with children and little kids," said June.

Besides helping out in the kitchen, June said she loves swimming and having fun. But what she loves more than anything is spending time with her younger sister, and Angela couldn't adore her older sister any more. When she's not helping out in the kitchen, Angela enjoys practicing her writing, playing Barbies and likes to draw pictures of her family.

"We should cook this at home," Angela said as she took a bite of her pizza.

What the children want more than anything else is to share a forever home with loving, supportive parents.

"I want a sweet mom and a sweet dad," Angela said. She and her sister both hope they can one day help their parents out in their own kitchen, so they can show them how to make pizza like the pros.

If you're interested in adopting June and Angela, contact the Voices for Children office at (979)-822-9700.