Wednesday's Child: Lasadeya

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She has a lyrical soul and says music is the key to her heart. And at only 13-years-old, Lasadeya has big dreams for a career in the music industry.

She's one of the most talented and driven 13-year-old's you'll meet; and it doesn't hurt that she's...

"I'm sweet, I'm nice and I'm respectful,” said Lasadeya

But when Lasadeya has her mind set on accomplishing a goal -- she's going for it. She learned her passion for music at only eight-years-old.

“At first I started singing and I was just like, 'wow!' I can sing. And then I kept singing and singing and got better at it and then I wanted to learn how to play the guitar,” said Lasadeya.

We took Lasadeya to her very first guitar lesson at Lippman Music in College Station.

“I hope I learn that Keith Urban song and I hope I get to play for him one day,” she said. “That would be so awesome.”

Her instructor even said she was a natural. As driven as Lasadeya is -- she says for the last six years she's spent in foster care, she's been trying to fill a void.

“I like to ride my bike and think about stuff when I'm sad and think about how it makes me feel and get better at it every day,” Lasadeya added.

Lasadeya says she wouldn't mind a large or small family.

“It really doesn't matter as long as I have one,” she said.

Her vision of a mother would be: “A mom who is really sweet, nice and caring and like she'll be there for you no matter what happens,” Lasadeya said.

And as for a father, “A nice dad that understands your problems and will also be there for you too,” she added.

While she continues pursuing her musical dreams - -she hopes a forever family finds her along the way.

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