Weekend Events Including Marathon, Brazos Valley Bowl Boost Local Economy

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas From a marathon to a bowl game, weekend activities brought a boost to the local economy.

News 3 took a look at how the Scott & White BCS Marathon and Brazos Valley Bowl Game brought dollars to our area during a usually slow time.

More than 3,000 runners were up at the crack of dawn for this week's 3rd annual Scott & White BCS Marathon.

And while the weather was around 34 degrees it was ideal for long distance running.

"It was a great day, great weather, beautiful weather," said Chris Field, who is the founder of the marathon.

The event benefits the charity Mercy Project and Field says the race gives a big boost to the local economy.

"When you have people coming in from 38 states and four countries, they are going to stay multiple days in hotels. They are going to eat in restaurants. They're gonna shop. People tell me that they do their Christmas shopping some while they're here. And that's thousands, tens and thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Field.

Saturday night the status of the race was in question after multiple wrecks and icy road conditions in the Brazos Valley that kept hundreds of people from running this year.

"We went to bed pretty late wondering a couple hours later what we were going to wake up to," said Field.

Another big event this weekend was the Brazos Valley Bowl game between The Hinds Eagles and Navarro Bulldogs at Bryan's Merrill Green Stadium.

Brazos Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau President Shannon Overby says the weather likely put a damper on this year's game.

Only a few hundred spectators showed.

"We were out there and the weather was pretty bad and some of the schools were closed like the Kilgore Rangerettes couldn't make it down because the school was closed. But the teams made it and they brought some fans with them," said Overby.

Navarro would go on to beat Hinds 34 to 27.

"But it certainly is a good boost for our economy during a time that's typically slower paced," she added.

A boost for the economy as well as more things to do here at home.

This year the Scott & White BCS Marathon also grew by about ten percent to a new all time high.

While registration was up 25 percent with about 3,900 registrants.