Weekend Rains Cause Massive Sinkholes

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It was great getting some rain over the weekend, but the amount of rain caused three roads in Brazos and Washington County to cave in.

Washington County had the highest total rainfall across Texas this weekend.

"It happened in a short amount of time,” said Bob Colwell, Texas Department of Transportation. “When you get that much rainfall coming through the area going over and under the roadway it undermines the road itself."

Colwell says the rain caused two massive 7-foot-deep sink holes on FM 1155 and FM 2193 in Washington County.

The same thing happened on Straub Road in south Brazos County.

"Initially I'm from North Carolina, so I've rode out a few hurricanes there and I've seen rain like that, but I've never seen it around here," said Jacob Stevens, a Wellborn Resident.

Stevens had to take a muddy path around the road to take his 4-year-old son to his College Station ISD bus Monday morning.

For now, all three roadways are barricaded.

TXDOT says it could take up to three months to fix the roads in Washington County.

"We have engineers out there looking at the areas trying to see all of the damage done all of the things that need to be replaced,” Colwell added. “Before we put traffic back on the roadway we need to be sure that it's safe and that's our top priority.”

Brazos County officials hope it doesn't take as long to reopen Straub Road.

College Station school district officials say their bus will take an alternative route until the road is repaired.