Wellborn Plan Set for Approvals in College Station

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Big changes over a decade in part of College Station are up for discussion.

Thursday, the planning and zoning commission will take a look at the Wellborn Area Plan, one formed by the city with input from a number of parties. The regular portion of that meeting takes place at 7:00 p.m.

Over ten years if approved by P&Z and then the city council, $24 million of work would be done, much of the money spent on rehabilitation of roads and trails in the area, including Greens Prairie Road and Greens Prairie Trail. Rezoning of parts of the area will also take place if the plan is approved.

It's about one-and-a-half square miles that caused quite the uproar a few years ago. The community of Wellborn was annexed by the City of College Station in 2011.

Many of its 300 residents weren't pleased by being brought into the city limits, and College Station residents took the opportunity to launch a recall of some city council members, which eventually failed. That drama is now passed, but building up the future Wellborn has just begun.