Wellborn Road Construction On Schedule To Finish By August

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Students returning to Texas A&M this next week will likely notice a few changes to construction along Wellborn Road.

In the coming months a new underpass and bridges will allow pedestrians and traffic to avoid the railroad crossing at Wellborn Road and Old Main Drive.

News 3 took a look at the progress and what to expect next.

TxDOT tells us construction is running on schedule and when it's all said in done, traffic will flow much more smoothly and safely just in front of the Bell Tower and busy area of the Texas A&M Campus.

But Wellborn Road will still be down to one lane each direction for at least two more months.

It's a waiting game if you've been down Wellborn Road and Old Main in College Station in recent months.

The busy intersection is getting a major makeover that will eventually keep traffic and people moving by keeping the train tracks out of people's paths thanks to a new underpass.

"It does get really crowded there's lots of people," said Brenna McGruder as she walked along.

McGruder comes this way at least once a week as a Texas A&M Grad Student in the Health Science Center.

"We still have to wait on the light to change and traffic is pretty bad too, because it's gone from the two lanes to each direction down to the one lane. So I try to avoid driving down Wellborn if at all possible," she said.

The project has reached another milestone as the digging work for the tunnel has finished. Crews have also wrapped up building the railroad bridge as well as one of two bridges being built on Wellborn Road.

Joseph Harrison drives and walks this way throughout the week too to see his wife who works on campus, while he attends grad school here.

"The beginning of the semester, the beginning of the year everybody trying to get their bearings, Wellborn just turns into a mess," said Harrison.

He gets stopped by the trains a lot too. It even came by during our visit!

"I'd say 65, 70 percent of the time as I'm crossing I'll see the train and have to stop for it," he said.

"I think in the long run it will be great to not have to worry about catching the light or getting caught by the train," said Brenna McGruder.

We're told the project should hit the next milestone by spring break when the northbound bridge for Wellborn Road will be complete.

We're told some of the lane closures could end after that happens.

The $34 million project should be completely finished by August.