What is a Whiffenpoof?

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BRYAN - They're the oldest collegiate a capella group in the nation and they were in Bryan today.

The Yale Whiffenpoofs made a stop at the Arbor Oaks at Crestview retirement community for two performances today. The Whiffenpoofs are on a month-long tour. They were in Florida earlier this week and will head to South America next. These students are taking a year long break between their junior and senior years to make this tour possible.

"We've had this wonderful connection with some of the homes out here and it's so fun to be able to sing for all these groups of people. All the audiences have been so appreciative and so kind, and we love sharing our music so it's been great," said Whiffenpoof Dan Stein.

President George H.W. Bush's Father, Prescott, was a Whiffenpoof when he was at Yale.

Name of retirement community amended from "Arbors at Crestview" to its proper title, "Arbor Oaks at Crestview"