White House 'Horrified' Hearing Of Syria Killings

The White House isn't commenting directly on Israel's latest airstrikes in Syria. But a spokesman says Israel is "justifiably concerned about the threat posed by Hezbollah obtaining advanced weapons systems."

A senior Israeli official confirmed today's strikes, saying they targeted a shipment of precision-guided missiles believed to be headed for the militant group in Lebanon.

Sen. John McCain tells "Fox News Sunday" that Syria has crossed another "red line" in transferring weapons to U.S. foes. McCain is not advocating U.S. ground forces go into Syria, but he says the United States should use its military might from afar.

The White House did have something more to say about reports that more than 100 people were executed Thursday in a town in western Syria. Spokesman Josh Earnest says the Obama administration is "horrified" by those reports, adding those responsible for human rights and international law violations must be held accountable.

Earnest spoke with reporters aboard Air Force One inflight from Washington to Columbus, Ohio.