White House Won't Confirm Deal on Syria

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WASHINGTON (AP) The White House isn't confirming that an agreement has been reached among the five permanent members of the Security Council on key elements of a resolution requiring Syria to dismantle its chemical weapons stockpiles.

Spokesman Jay Carney will say only that there's been "good progress," and the U.S. hopes "the process will move forward quickly."

U.N. diplomats have said while there is agreement on some major elements of the resolution, Russia and the United States are still negotiating on a handful of unresolved issues. They reportedly include details on how Syria's chemical weapons will be destroyed.

Yesterday, Russia's deputy foreign minister said negotiators had overcome a major hurdle, and agreed that the resolution would include a reference to the part of the U.N. charter allowing for military and non-military actions to promote peace and security.

The United States and Russia have been at odds on how to enforce the resolution.

France's foreign minister says a few subjects still need to be refined in the draft resolution, but he's expressing optimism about a deal.

Russia today is offering to provide troops to guard facilities where Syria's chemical weapons would be destroyed.