Winter Weather Moves Out of the Brazos Valley

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2:30pm Update

The Winter Weather Advisory has been dropped for several counties as our temperatures warm through the day. Light showers are anticipated to continue off and on through the early evening. There will be a slight chance for icing on roadways this evening once our temperatures start to dip back down near freezing. If you have plans to head out this evening use caution on bridges and overpasses.

This will be the last update for this story due to the diminishing threat of inclement weather. Try and stay warm through tonight!

1:00pm Update

Temperatures slowly climbing above freezing through the afternoon. Light scattered showers will be possible through today leading into the potential for light ice accumulation. Wintry precipitation has been reported in our Northeastern counties. Odds for icing will decrease through the day as our temperatures start to warm above freezing.

Slick roadways will be the case through most of today. Expect drier air to move in by this weekend.

11:45am Update

Some slick spots have started to form in Milam and Robertson Counties at this time, as temperatures remain below freezing and freezing rain has started to fall. TxDOT is working to sand bridges and overpasses to make travel easier in these areas.

The National Weather Service has extended the Winter Weather Advisory for Lee County until 4:00 pm. Leon, Milam, and Robertson County has the advisory in effect until 6:00 pm this evening. The rest of the Brazos Valley has the advisory issued until 2:00 pm this afternoon.

The northern half of our viewing area still has the chance of seeing freezing mist / rain into the afternoon hours since temperatures are having a hard time getting above freezing. For our southern counties, however, temperatures are now above freezing, so anything that falls from the sky in those areas will be rain.

10:45am Update

The National Weather Service has extended the Winter Weather Advisory for Leon, Milam, and Robertson Counties until 6:00 pm this evening.

As temperatures still haven't gotten above freezing yet in our northern counties, the chance for freezing rain continues into the afternoon and early evening.

The rest of the Brazos Valley still has the Winter Weather Advisory in effect until noon today.

10:00am Update

Temperatures are getting close to freezing across the Brazos Valley. In BCS, we are sitting at 32 degrees exactly.

Because temperatures are taking a long time to get above freezing, and there is still a rain chance through this afternoon, the National Weather Service extended the WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY until noon today for Austin, Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Lee, Leon, Madison, Robertson, Walker, and Washington Counties. The advisory for Houston county has been allowed to expire.

There is a chance that freezing mist or rain could fall before noon, as our rain chances increase.

8:40am Update

Even though there is some light blue on radar indicating freezing mist / drizzle, most, if not all, of it is evaporating before it reaches the ground.

There is still a chance that some of it could fall and impact bridges and overpasses mainly, but at the moment, the chance looks small. Keep an eye on the radar throughout the morning as temperatures are still below freezing.

7:40am Update

Radar is starting to pick up some light freezing mist/drizzle this morning. This light precipitation will continue through the morning hours.

Once temperatures get above freezing, which will happen around noon, anything that falls from the sky will be liquid and will not freeze.

6:30am Update

All has remained relatively quiet overnight into this morning. However, radar is beginning to pick up some very light, fine freezing drizzle from Lee County and to the West, towards Austin. We need to continue monitoring for any of this freezing moisture to start out-flowing further into the Brazos Valley during the morning hours as temperatures are expected to remain below freezing until the afternoon.

11pm Update

Most of the night will remain cold and quiet across the Brazos Valley. Should a freezing drizzle / light, freezing rain threat develop it, it will likely materialize between 5am and 7am. That said, the chance remains at 20%.

If a freezing drizzle starts to fall across the Brazos Valley, it could create a light, icy glaze on area roads, bridges, and overpasses. Unlike the slick conditions Thursday morning, should that occur, it will form as "Black Ice" vs. creating a white layer on area roadways.

If drizzle is falling when you step outside Friday morning and you have to travel, do so with caution and patience.

10pm Update

The Houston / Galveston Office of the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for most of the Brazos Valley, as of 10pm. Those added to the advisory:


Winter Weather Advisory

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from 5AM Friday morning through Friday afternoon for Milam, Robertson, Leon and Lee Counties(the counties shaded in purple on the right).

There is a slight chance for precipitation tonight after midnight and through tomorrow afternoon. At this time the models are pointing towards a light fine mist, if we see any precipitation at all. The problem arises with the chance for precipitation is mixed with the below freezing temperatures.

Due to the cold temperatures, any precipitation would result in a very light icing on roadways. It is possible that we could see minimal ice accumulation this evening into early tomorrow. This could once again make travel hazardous in the early morning hours. Plan for extra time on the morning commute and take precautions when crossing bridges and overpasses.

While the chance for wintry weather will remain low -- it is not completely out of the question.

The forecast for Friday looks to play out like so:

As long as the drizzle / freezing drizzle stays away from the Brazos Valley -- as expected -- during the morning hours, we should be able to achieve temperatures at or just above freezing by noon. Should the rain / drizzle / freezing drizzle fall early and consistent through the day, temperatures will struggle to reach 32° until the late afternoon hours.

This will be a weather event to watch and wait. Dry air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere looks to limit the potential for significant rainfall. That said, it only takes a thin glaze of ice to cause travel issues -- especially on bridges, overpasses, and elevated surfaces.