Winter Weather In the Brazos Valley

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12:30 PM Update

All of the winter weather warnings/advisories have been dropped across the area. Temperatures are slowly warming above freezing and the bulk of the moisture has moved to the east. Light isolated showers will be possible through the afternoon as skies gradually try to clear out. Temperatures will remain chilly through today and try to reach freezing again over tonight.

Due to the improving conditions this will be the last update.

10:45am Update

As conditions start to slowly improve the National Weather Service has decided to drop Milam, Robertson, and Leon Counties from the Winter Weather Advisory. There are still a few scattered areas of wintry precipitation falling across the Brazos Valley. Temperatures are still struggling to break freezing but conditions are expected to gradually improve after the lunch hour.

9:45am Update

The National Weather Service has extended the Winter Storm Warning through noon to allow plenty of time for the ice to start the melting process. Bridges and overpasses have the potential to remain icy through late morning as temperatures slowly reach freezing. After the lunch hour we should start to see conditions improve.

8:45am Update

Most of the precipitation has moved into our eastern counties. Temperatures will slowly start to warm up through the day allowing for ice to try and melt by this evening. There is still a lot of standing water so we are closely monitoring roadways. With temperatures still below freezing, light icing could start to form at any time. Be sure to use caution when out and about.

7:45am Update

The last batch of rain/sleet mix moving through. Isolated areas of precipitation will be possible through the early afternoon but the bulk of it has cleared. Temperatures will slowly rise above freezing by early afternoon allowing for conditions to slowly improve.

6:45am Update

Another batch of rain/sleet mix is moving through the area. This round will be much lighter in comparison to what we saw at 4AM. There are still reports of standing water but with temperatures remaining below freezing we are keeping a close eye on the roadways. Allow for plenty of time to defrost your car. Many people are waking up to the image below. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing by the afternoon allowing for conditions to improve.

5:45am Update

A rain/sleet mix continues to move across the area with temperatures remaining below freezing. At this time we are still seeing a lot of standing water with light icing on elevated surfaces. Plan for plenty of time to defrost the car because many people are waking up to ice covered vehicles. With temperatures remaining below freezing for the morning we will have to keep a close eye on any standing water.

4:15am Update

Freezing rain / sleet mix now falling for almost the entire Brazos Valley, even heavy at times (dark purple). This steady rainfall and below freezing temperatures will likely cause any sitting ice patches to become thicker, especially as we near closer to sunrise. Again, travel this morning is discouraged due to icy conditions.

3am Update

The freezing rain / sleet mix is starting to become more widespread and heavy at times (dark purple). This could cause any ice that has already formed to gradually thicken.

As this large area of showers and storms continue to move Northeast, the western and southern half of the Brazos Valley will be in for another round of freezing rain over the next hour...before that same batch filters in to Bryan / College Station.

2am Update

Freezing Rain / sleet turning spotty across parts of the Northern and Central Brazos Valley. Steady / significant freezing rain & sleet continue across the Southern and Southeastern Brazos Valley.

Per our band of showers and thunderstorms to the southwest of the Brazos Valley, most of that activity is taking a east / northeast move -- right towards the southern side of the area.

Here is the latest forecast image from the Houston / Galveston National Weather Service:


1:45am Update

Latest run of the HRRR (rapid refresh computer model) shows the possibility of more wintry activity reaching the Brazos Valley between 5am and 6am.

This computer model has preformed the best (up to this point), due to its ability to create a fresh forecast. Activity to the southwest is what would bring another round of freezing rain / sleet this direction.

1:30am Update

Most significant rain / freezing rain has shifted towards Walker, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Montgomery Counties over the past 45 minutes. A steady freezing rain / sleet continues to fall over Austin & Waller Counties -- where road issues have already been reported.

Scattered, light freezing rain / sleet is attempting to fill back in from the west. Washington County is seeing another round of freezing rain, which is slowly sliding towards North Waller / South Grimes County.

A band of light freezing rain has formed over Southern Burleson County & Central / South Brazos County to Madison County (across Madisonville).

Finally, a pocket of steady freezing rain is moving east out of Milam County towards Robertson County. Expect freezing rain to move towards Hwy. 6, Hearne, Calvert, and Bremond over the next half hour (through 2am)


12:45am Update

Rain / Freezing rain has started to slow down and taper off across parts of the Western Brazos Valley (area where purple is currently not covering)

Scattered activity continues to attempt to drift east from the Austin area. Showers and isolated thunderstorms that have developed southwest of the Brazos Valley, continue to drift towards Austin County, but (as of this update) have not made much movement towards the rest of the area.

Heavy rain / freezing rain has shifted to the Eastern and Southern Brazos Valley. Threat for significant rainfall has moved into Grimes, Walker, Madison, San Jacinto, and Montgomery Counties for the time being.

Road Conditions

From TxDOT: Precipitation if falling in Madison & Walker Counties -- pre-treatment is occurring on area roads. Travel is not recommended. If you do have to travel, a speed of 30mph is encouraged. You should keep treatment material under your wheel's path.

TxDOT is closing Hwy 290, in both directions, in Waller County due to ice on all bridges and overpasses.

12:15am Update

Reports coming in of freezing rain starting to cause ice accumulation on surface streets and sidewalks in Bryan / College Station. Picture from Twitter, moments ago:

In the post below, we talked about an area of rain developing southwest of the Brazos Valley. That area has filled in and is stretching towards Austin County.

As we continue through the night, we expect scattered areas of freezing rain / sleet to continue.


11:40pm Update

Just getting started with wintry weather across the Brazos Valley.

One area of freezing rain / sleet already on top of the area (purple color below).

New batch of showers developing to the south of San Antonio and west of Victoria. Activity is moving to the northeast. Could prompt another round of widespread rain / freezing rain / sleet for the area after midnight.

11:30pm Update

A steady, freezing rain is falling across Bryan / College Station, along with a majority of Lee, Washington, Brazos, Burleson, Austin, Waller, Grimes, and Montgomery Counties.

Below is a short vine (clip) from the KBTX Studio:

Freezing Rain is where rain falls as liquid then freezes as it make contact with the surface (ie: bridges, overpasses, cars, etc).


11:15pm Update

Light, steady rain / freezing rain / sleet mix continues to fall across a majority of the Brazos Valley -- including Bryan / College Station.

Texas A&M Meteorology Student, Enrique, sent this picture of sleet & ice accumulation on his car in College Station.


11pm Update

Widespread rain / freezing rain / sleet starting take over the Brazos Valley.

As of 10:45, light rain / sleet was starting to fall in Bryan / College Station, Hearne, and Rockdale.

Steady to moderate freezing rain mixing with sleet continues to fall across a majority of the Western and Southern Brazos Valley. General motion is to the east / northeast.

This picture was sent in by a Texas A&M Student, via Twitter, from South College Station. Light glaze of ice already forming on windshields:

Rain / thunderstorm activity continues out west of the Brazos Valley. We'll look for the wintry weather chance to continue through the night.

9:45pm Update

The Storm Prediction Center has put out a short discussion over ongoing freezing rain threat across the Brazos Valley and Southeast Texas.

While the greater risk of freezing rain will be closer to the I-10 corridor (ie: higher ice accumulation totals), the area enclosed in the pink circle will continue to have the chance of freezing rain / sleet -- some of which possibly mixed with thunder and the occasional lightning strike.

The complete discussion can be found HERE.

9:15pm Update

PinPoint Radar showing rain falling across (primarily) the Southern Brazos Valley.

While there is quite a bit of activity on the radar, some of it seems to be evaporating before reaching the ground. Reports from Somerville have indicated light, freezing rain falling around 9pm.


9pm Update

Rain continues to switch over to freezing rain across the Western and Southwestern portions of the Brazos Valley.

As of 8:50pm, most of Austin County, including Industry and Bellville, had a steady freezing rain falling. Scattered areas of freezing rain / rain mix were falling across Lee County, which could have impacts on travel on Hwy. 21 & Hwy 77.

This activity continues to slowly move east. Expect freezing rain to be in Waller County / Hempstead by 9:15pm and Somerville / possibly Caldwell around 9:15pm to 9:30pm.

8:30pm Update

The National Weather Service has added Walker and San Jacinto Counties to the list of those under a WINTER STORM WARNING, until noon Tuesday.


8:15pm Update

Latest PinPoint Radar images show rain switching over to a light freezing rain in Fayette County, over Round Top and Fayetteville.

This activity is moving almost due east, heading towards Southern Washington County / Northern Austin County. A bit of light freezing rain is attempting to switch over in far, south Lee County as well.


7:45pm Update

Two important things to note with this update --

1) Temperatures across the entire Brazos Valley are now at or below freezing

2) Rain / embedded, elevated thunderstorms continues on a west to east track towards the southwestern side of the area. While this activity is liquid rain to our west -- where sunshine warmed temperatures into the 40s this afternoon -- it will likely change over to a rain / freezing rain mix, should it hold together.

PinPoint Radar from 7:40pm


6:45pm Update

6pm temperatures across the Brazos Valley were starting to slide back down below freezing as we lose what little daytime heat that was gained today.

Scattered showers and a few isolated, elevated thunderstorms have managed to form around the San Antonio / Sam Marcos / New Braunfels & Houston areas, in advance our our upper-level disturbance responsible for tonight / tomorrow's rain / freezing rain / sleet chance.

6:40pm PinPoint Radar Image

While the bulk of our rain / freezing rain activity is expected to start before sunrise Tuesday, a few scattered showers & isolated rumbles of thunder will be possible through the night. With temperatures below freezing, anything that manages to fall across the area could cause early road problems (if heavy enough).

A number of school delays are coming into the KBTX Newsroom, including for Bryan, College Station, and Navasota ISD. Latest closing and delays can be found here.
5:30pm UPDATE

Tonight's forecast is all dependent upon timing. If the rain moves in early enough we could be seeing quite a bit of ice accumulation. If the showers hold off until later in the morning only light ice accumulation will be possible. Temperatures are expected to hover below freezing the majority of the evening and warm above freezing by tomorrow midday. The graphic below shows possible ice accumulations if the timing for the event was"perfect"(i.e. first thing in the morning).

The above graphic depicts the greatest amount of ice accumulation possible. At this time it is more likely that we will be dealing with 0.10 inch or less of ice in the morning. Regardless, take caution on the roadways and allow for plenty of extra time for the morning commute.

4:30pm UPDATE

Light precipitation is already starting out to our west and is expected to move into our area after midnight. Temperatures will be below freezing leading into the possibility of light ice accumulation. Use caution on all roadways tomorrow morning. Below is a look at the forecasted time table for tomorrow morning.

2:30pm UPDATE

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the counties in pink from 11PM tonight through 11AM tomorrow. This means that light ice accumulation is expected across the area with icing likely on bridges and overpasses. The best shot for showers will take place in the early morning hours. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the counties in blue. This means that light ice accumulation will be possible through tonight. Tomorrow mornings commute could be inconvenient due to possible icy roadways. Remember to plan for extra time.

1:00pm UPDATE

Temperatures are still struggling to break freezing and our wind chills are still in the teens. Afternoon highs are struggling to reach the mid 30s and tonight's lows are expected to drop below freezing once again. There is a good chance for showers early tomorrow morning leading into the potential for wintry precipitation. Below is a look at the latest forecast released from our PinPoint model. It shows the bulk of the precipitation moving through in between 4AM and 10AM.

10:00am UPDATE

Temperatures are slowly warming up to the mid 20s in the Brazos Valley. Through the day we are anticipating temperatures to eventually rise into the upper 30s with wind chills remaining below freezing.

Tonight our temperatures are expected to drop below freezing once again. There is a chance for light precipitation leading into the possibility for wintry precipitation. Light ice accumulation will be possible early tomorrow morning. Temperatures are anticipated to rise above freezing by 9AM allowing for any accumulation to gradually clear out by noon.

8:00am UPDATE

Talk about a bitter cold start to the week! Temperatures will barely climb into the low/mid 40s Monday afternoon as winds continue to flow in from the North, between 10-20 mph. Wind chills will be the biggest weather factor this AM. Despite climbing above freezing later, it will still FEEL like it's freezing, in the 30s, thanks to those cold & gusty winds. Make sure to bundle up if headed outside!

Heads up...we are monitoring an upper level disturbance for late tonight, into Tuesday morning. However, with temperatures hovering in the lower 30s, we could be looking at the potential for freezing rain/sleet Tuesday AM. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

5:00am UPDATE

Some additional winter weather advisories have been issued this morning, but will go in effect later tonight due to the potential for another round of wintry precipitation Tuesday morning.

A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Milam, Robertson & Leon counties from 10pm Monday night through Noon Tuesday.
A Winter Storm Warning has also been issued for Lee County from 8 pm Monday night through Noon Tuesday.

11:00pm UPDATE
Rain has left the Brazos Valley. What hasn't left are the cold temperatures. Lows overnight tonight will stay in the 20s, prompting a HARD FREEZE WARNING to be issued for most of the area until 9am Monday morning. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY has also been issued until 9am Monday morning. The high winds, along with cold temperatures, will cause those 'feel like' temperatures to stay in the teens tonight into the morning hours. Bundle up if you are headed out in the morning!

Another thing to do if you are headed out is be a little bit cautious when driving. The main concern will be bridges, overpasses, and roads not frequently traveled on for standing water to freeze tonight. Some water could still freeze on other roadways, creating black ice, so still take precautions when driving Monday morning.

8:30pm UPDATE

A bit more pink is showing up on radar at this time, which means that more sleet and freezing rain is falling in our eastern counties. Icy spots will be possible this evening on bridges, overpasses, and a few roadways, especially in those areas that are currently experiencing sleet.

7:25pm UPDATE

There is one more small line of freezing precipitation trying to push eastward into the Brazos Valley. It isn't that strong, and mainly our northern counties will be affected by this line. Whatever precipitation falls with this line will be in the form of freezing rain and sleet since we are all below freezing now.


Rain coverage is starting to decrease across the Brazos Valley. That being said, sleet and freezing rain has started to mix in with the small amount of rain still falling this evening.

Temperatures have fallen below freezing in College Station and areas northward. Throughout the evening, these temperatures will continue to fall. Luckily for us, the chance of precipitation also falls during the evening hours tonight. Any rain that falls this evening will have the possibility of turning into sleet or freezing rain.

Any precipitation that has fallen today will freeze to the ground overnight, as lows are going to drop into the mid to upper 20s. Standing water on bridges, overpasses, and roads not traveled often will have the chance of getting frozen over overnight into Monday morning, which could cause some traffic headaches.

This is not expected to be a wide-spread problem, and roads in most cities will not be frozen over in the morning. Take a few more precautions if you are driving overnight tonight and Monday morning just to be safe.